Web 2.0 Tool Project

A highlight on a very useful Web 2.0 Tool


on March 2, 2012

The Web 2.0 tool I have chosen to share in this blog is Pinterest. Pinterest is a very rapidly-growing form of organization of material found on the Internet. Each user can create “boards”, which are similar to palettes or virtual bulletin boards. Users can also download the “Pin it” button, which installs a little button on your browser.

For example, a user can create a board titled “Recipes” and post recipes or link to websites that have different recipes by clicking the “pin it” button. You can link your Pinterest account with your Facebook account so you can follow your friends’ boards and they can see what you are posting as well.

I have seen several uses for Pinterest. I personally use it to organize my ideas. I have a board for travel plans, fashion, teaching ideas, movies, books and food recipes. I have a few friends who are redecorating their homes using ideas off Pinterest while others are planning their wedding. I have a few friends who already have their own classroom and they have activity ideas and lesson plan ideas as well as links to other teachers’ blogs. These are all so helpful and you can get hooked very easily. Not only is it very easy and convenient, it is absolutely free!

If you are more interested in learning more about Pinterest and its educational significance, check these links out!

Here are links to a few educators’ boards and these demonstrate how these exceptional teachers have used pinterest to enhance their teaching by organizing their lesson plans. These are also great examples of products created using Pinterest because they have perfectly categorized ideas for their classroom. Classroom ideas I found on the internet are also on these links:

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